Our Studio

Campus is located at 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, IN.

Click here for directions to the studio once you are on campus.

Studio Facilities:

– 3280 square feet of studio, clay and glaze mixing, and indoor firing space
– A ventilated main studio with 11 electric wheels with workspace for hand building, extruding, slab rolling, etc.
– Brent slab roller
– Brent extruder
– Amaco ball mill
– Ventilated clay mixing room with 3 clay mixers (Soldner Professional, Bluebird, Walker pug mill
– Indoor ventilated kiln room with 2 gas reduction kilns (Bailey Car Kiln and a smaller gas kiln), 4 computer controlled electric kilns (Skutt and L&L)
– 45′ x 18′ covered outdoor kiln area with wood kiln, saggar kiln, raku kiln, a cross-draft gas soda kiln
– Ventilated glaze room with spray booth and stainless steel countertops
– Material inventory of over 100 clay and glaze materials
– Mixed media and plaster work area with outdoor access, plaster mold dryer, and compressed air
– 21 ton log splitter
– Covered storage space for over 5 cords of wood for the wood kiln
– Sandblaster
– Panel saw
– CNC router
– Lincoln arc welder
– Drill Press
– An assortment of hand and power tools
– Private studios for 4 BFA students and 2 Post-Baccalaureate students
– Additional storage space for student clay and shelving for artwork
– The SpaceLab, an exhibition and installation space located in the Ceramics area. More about the SpaceLab at http://spacelabproject.com/

The IUS Ceramics Studio in action!