Anne Drew Potter lecture!!

Morning. Glad to see everyone has been working in the studio making lots of art. Good to see. It makes me happy to see artwork all over the place.

Things are moving at a fast pace already and we are almost to the day when Anne Drew Potter is coming in for her IUS lecture!! I know you are as pumped as I am, so we need to really spread the word about her arrival and fill the ceramics studio. Her lecture will take place in the ceramics studio at 6pm on Monday, September 28th. All are welcome.

About her work she says, “I manipulate anatomical signifiers of gender, race, age, and other identity characteristics to encourage viewers to confront their feelings about normalcy, difference, and what defines human.

Go ahead and learn more about her before she gets here by checking out her website –

Also, make sure and RSVP for the Facebook event I created for this – click here to be directed to the Facebook event page

Spread the word …

See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

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