Apologia Project

For this project, we will begin by reading Barry Lopez’s short story, “Apologia”, which is published in his collection of short stories, “About this Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory”.  

After reading the story and responding to the questions below about it, you will creatively interpret your answers in the form of physical objects. The objects you make may be sculptural, thrown, a combination of both, or mixed media.

Hint: Read the story first, then sleep on it. Read it again the next day and then answer the questions.

Questions to ask yourself about Apologia:

Reverence is defined as having profound awe and respect for something or someone. 
        What, or who, do you have reverence for?
        How can you show that reverence in your artwork?   

In the story, the narrator wishes that others had respect for animals killed on the road. 
        What do you wish more people respected?   
        What can you do to change that?

The man by Grand View, Idaho, marvels at the colors on the wings of a nighthawk.
        What do you marvel at?         
        Why is that beautiful to you?         

Download Apologia here