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OSU Ceramics Blog Site

Hey everyone, here’s a link to the Ohio State Ceramics Dept. Blog site— it’s really cool, lot’s of cool links, pics, etc. here it is there are lots of pics of great ceramic art . . . and also great pics of other notable things . . . link squirrels fighting with light sabers .

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cool work – Scott Rench

Scott Rench is an artist who is on and you can find him there, but I wanted to post a link specifically to a step by step guide he has on making his work. click here Flip through it and you’ll see how he screen prints on clay!

Marilyn Lysohir

Her is an artist I came across that has some cool work. Her website is here She says about her work , “For me as an artist, any piece is about self-recognition and communication and memory. It’s about taking responsibility for our actions and surviving with dignity the journey upon which all humans embark…from birth

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