Ceramics @$@!@%

Good Morning Mud Slingers –

Our first meeting as a group will take place this Thursday at 6pm in the ceramics ANNEX (otherwise known as the loading dock) Additionally, it is the first of many potlucks this semester. So, bring some food. Ben Hammond will bring chili. I will bring something. What will you bring?

At this meeting, we will decide on a name for this elusive group . . . Some possible names are: Clay Killers, Clay Hounds, Dirt Bags, Mud Bugs, Mud Slingers, Clay Bodies . . . . Along with your food, bring some ideas. We will also decide on a name for the ceramics studio . . . Like Mud Lounge, etc.

This group is open to anyone interested in clay. We do not discriminate against ANYONE – even people that aren’t ceramics majors!!! So, spread the word and bring a friend.

See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

Mud Slingers.

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