great lecture by Anne Drew Potter!

Wow, that was really cool.

The Anne Drew Potter lecture was awesome!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make it possible … and special thanks to her for sharing her work with us. I hope everyone learned a great deal – I know I did. Anyway, the video is posted below if you want to watch it again and relive all the great memories. Let me know if you can’t remember the password. It’s a big file, so it might take a minute to begin streaming …

And remember that there are all kinds of events going on in Lexington this Thursday and Friday as part of the Figuration and Fragmentation symposium there. Adam Welch’s keynote lecture is 7pm and a reception in the gallery will be right after it at 8pm. It’s sure to be a great time and who knows … we may learn some more stuff!

See you there.
Prof. Brian

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