HOLY MOLY!!! Ceramics is the next big thing!

Good morning everyone.

I’m glad you’ve decided to dive into ceramics head first and spend some time checking out our SWEET blog. I’m like you (really excited to be in ceramics) and am looking forward to a great semester. This blog is here to help keep links, handouts, class readings, etc. all together in one spot. Throughout the semester I will add new posts about current happenings and interesting things that pop up . . . (see post below with image of squirrels) . . . it is no way a substitute for the real life experience of coming to class, so don’t spend all your time on this blog – you will still need to come to class. And besides, class is where all the action is . . . action you don’t want to miss!

So, let’s be really productive and make some great art this semseter . . .

this of course means we need to think big . . . and far (really far).

See you in the ceramics studio!
Prof. Brian

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