Natalie Tornatore and Ben Stout artist lectures!

I’ve rendered and uploaded the video of Natalie Tornatore and Ben Stout’s artist lectures from the other day.  A huge thanks to Natalie and Ben for sharing their work with us.  I know you feel the same way, but I enjoyed hearing more about their ideas.  It was really interesting to learn more about how the two of them work in a similar way, but yet come to much different visual conclusions in their work.

In order to make the videos smaller, I’ve rendered the two videos separately.  Anyway, here is Ben Stout’s artist lecture:

And here is Natalie Tornatore’s artist lecture:

These lectures were in conjunction with their two person exhibition currently up in the Barr Gallery, The Air & The Ground.  The exhibition is up until October 14th, so check it out before it comes down!

Again, a HUGE thank you to Natalie and Ben.  We all had a great time learning more about your work!

See you in the studio,

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