NCECA – get ready!!

Okay, NCECA (the National Council on the Education of Ceramic Art) conference in Phoenix, Arizona is right around the corner. It’s the annual conference for the ceramic arts – attending by over 6,000 ceramic people, in a different city every year, and it’s a sure bet to be a lot of fun (and of course mind boggingly educational)

The conference registration is now happening online and early registration ends on Feb. 13th. So, if you are going to attend, you should go online and register early and save yourself some cash. Here’s the NCECA website. It’s a little tricky because the conference registration is now divided into the “member fee” ($25 for students) and the conference fee ($125 for students) …. If you have questions, just come and see me as there are some other options for day passes, etc.

One of the things I get most excited about are the dozens of exhibitions that happen every year at NCECA, so its a great way to see a ton of cool ceramic work all in one place. Who knows, you may see some cool work like this ….

(Michelle Tobia)

or you may see a large clay animal in a gallery …..

(Shay Church)

Who knows, but I’ll see you in the studio in the meantime …
Prof. Brian

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