New Art in Austin 2008

Here’s a great show I saw in Austin, Texas last year. It’s called “New Art in Austin 2008”. It’s at the Austin Museum of Art. If you can’t make it to Austin to check it out, you can do the next best thing and check out the website . . . so check it out here

Here’s a work from one of the artists in the show, Meggie Chou. Although this exact piece is not in the show, there is a similar one there. Check out Meggie’s website is here

Of course, make sure and spend some time reviewing the work on the show’s website.

ah – one more thing – make sure you watch the short videos of each artist talking about their work. some notable ones are Jill Pangalo, Sarah Sudhoff, Buster Greybill, and Alyson Fox – but go ahead, watch all of them.

enjoy and keeping digging . . . dig, dig, dig!!!

See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

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