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Morning Everyone.

Some people, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin in particular are preparing for the Vice Presidential debate (tonight at 9pm – watch it live on or listen to it live on NPR – 89.3 FM) . . .

We however are busy preparing for the FUTURE of the IUS Ceramics Program. On the growing list of “things to do” is thinking of a name for the group, gathering, or club (if you will) that is organized around the central theme of clay – its incredible tactile sensation and how the plasticity of clay is not merely a curiosity but may indeed be a metaphor for our very own human condition. In any event, some of the ideas for names are being written on the chalkboard in the main studio. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in the formation of this gathering. Think of it as a new paradigm – the past plus the FUTURE.

On a related note, here’s a picture of some workers building the Large Hadron Collider, the largest particle accelerator in the world . . . it’s finished now and particle physicists from all over the world are now using it to study the tiniest objects of nature. Early evidence is already suggesting that within the absolute smallest particles, there may be undiscovered new dynamics and dimensions to our world —

They can only do this by steping up to the plate. So, let’s step up with them and take ceramics to the next level.

— first New Albany, then the World.

BOOM – outta here.
Prof. Brian

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