Open House!!!

Holy Moly. It is here. This is it.

Dirt Bags IGNITE!!!!

Or unite. Either way or both.

So, much is going to happen this week, but it’s up to us to make that happen. We MUST control our own destiny. I am working on printing more flyers, so they should be ready soon. Also, did you notice that we are on the marquee out by the road? I noticed. We are still meeting at 4-6 today (Monday) to print some more t-shirts, so bring a blank t-shirt so everyone will know that you are a dirt bag. And make sure and spread the word about people getting their work to the ceramics studio on Thursday. That way we can work on installing and getting ready on Thursday night as well as all day on Friday. Cleaning and preparing the installation will happen primarily on Thursday, although I would like to get started with some of the work during the week. So, let’s all meet during the 1-4pm class on Thursday to start getting ready.

As always … Make art, not bombs.

unless of course your art is a fake bomb ….

See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

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