Update on Dirt Bags Meeting

I normally don’t update the Dirt Bags meeting happenings on this blog (that would normally happen on the Dirt Bags blog), but I thought it would be necessary as there were some important developments.

One of the things we talked about is how we are going to try a different method of governance this semester – we are going to try to have a governing Council instead of President, Vice President, etc. The Council will be elected and will run the meetings, consult the rest of the group about decisions, and act as a committee to run the operation of the Dirt Bags. The Council will be comprised of current Fine Art students and be elected by current Fine Art students. People who are not students may attend meetings, but Council members and all elections will always be decided on by current students.

IMPORTANT! – if you are interested in running for Dirt Bags Council – send me an e-mail ASAP. I will be sending out an e-mail ballot tomorrow for the election.

We also talked about the upcoming SpaceLab Grand Opening (www.spacelabproject.wordpress.com) which will take place this Wednesday at 7pm (of course in and around the SpaceLab) To get things ready, we will be having a work party in the clay room (where the SpaceLab is currently located). Please try and make it over!! The work party will happen at 4pm on Monday!! Be there.

We talked about the upcoming Teri Frame workshop as well – January 27th and 28th. More info about that later.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Spread the word ….

See you on Monday!
Prof. Brian

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