Welcome to Ceramics!!

Morning everyone.

If you are new to ceramics – Welcome. If you are returning because of the all encompassing joy and satisfaction you received from ceramics last semester – Congratulations – you are taking the leap.

I’m really excited for this semester. It’s going to be filled with great art, unbelievable ideas, and a fantastic atmosphere of progression and art making. And it’s going to be a busy first week for all of us, including me as my solo exhibition opens in the Barr Gallery on Thursday night (can’t wait to see you ALL there!) Anyway, I’m glad you’re in ceramics … Here’s a couple of works to get excited about.

Antony Gormley (www.antonygormley.com)

Shawn Skabelund (www.shawnskabelund.com)

The schedule for your ceramics class is posted below as well.

Welcome. See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

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