What a great workshop!

Well, I’m sorry if you didn’t make it to to the studio on Thursday and Friday because you missed an awesome workshop by Israel Davis. He started from scratch and by the end of the day on Friday, we were all screen printing on clay like it was going out of style! It was really great to have such an expert in printing on clay right here in the IUS studio. It was fun picking his brain about his technique, his work, and his approach as an artist.

Kristy Leverock scanned an image from her sketchbook and printed a multi color print on clay. Here she is adding some more color for the details in her SWEET print ….

Ashley Bell made a cup with a screen printed skeleton hand wrapping around it. Very cool indeed …..

The workshop was mostly a hands on experience, but here is Israel making some objects from the slabs he printed on the day before …..

I’d like to thank everyone that came to the workshop. I was great to see so many of you taking part in the experience and I know that for those of you that were there, it was memorable, informative, and a lot of fun. I hope everyone learned a bunch … and don’t worry … we’re going to build everything we need to screen print on clay here at IUS!

I had a great time and I hope you did as well.
See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

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