Conversation Project

We are artists.  We interpret the world around us.  We do this is many ways, from putting paint on a canvas to throwing pots on the wheel. While these are great modes of expression, they can all too often be one-sided. For example, the role of the viewer is usually considered a passive engagement (look at this, walk around this, etc).  There can be a feeling in the viewer of being “presented” with the conclusion of a work of art. In this project we are going to turn that around and focus on the two-way nature of conversation.  

Any GOOD conversation has at least two participating parties, and the conversation is properly activated when there is information flowing BETWEEN the participating parties.

In this project, we will make work that allows information to flow from the viewer INTO the maker (you).

Let’s take a moment and LISTEN before PROJECTING.

Some examples include:

Steve Lambert –

Steve Lambert –

Kris Grey –

Hans Haacke, Information –

Candy Chang –

Candy Chang –

You must think about the term “listening” in a broad way. For example, think of all the ways in which you internalize information.

What are ways we can listen to the community?

Explore ways to document information.

Steve Lambert, “I will talk with anyone about anything.”
Kris Grey, “Ask a Tranny”