Student Blogs

In today’s world, it is imperative students develop a professional online presence beyond social media. Keeping an active blog that chronicles studio progress builds the professional habit of keeping an online presence updated. Each week, students post a paragraph or two and at least three images of what they’ve been working on that week. It is understood that progress is found in failures, glaze defects, and pieces that fall over or crack, as well as successful works. Learn more about how to start a blog at

Current Student Blogs
Sarah Evans
Autumn McKay
Molly Otremba
Max Trumpower
GH Wood
Hailey Cruz Pereyra
Lilly Kueter
Kate Helin Burnette
Kelsey Goodwin
Taylor Ward
Rachel Gainous

Archived Blogs:

Carly Riegger

Drew Scanlon

Mandi Mudd

Rachel Stevens

Emily Flamion

Kenzie Brock

Sam Purze

Emma Schad

Marret Metzger

Margaret Vish

Joey Sirohman

Brooklin Grantz

Alma Martinez

Savannah Ferrell

Anna Brackens

Melanie Fisher

Sydney Nalley

Amy Shearer

Emma Claire Scheldorf

Nancy Moser

Molly Mason

Charlyn Corum

Ashley Granger

Tre Yost

Leia Roberts

Lillian Powell

Oliver Reed

Felicia Hill

Jessie Martin

Carly Jarboe

Liz Walker

Bridgette Crump

Anne Marie Mattox

Kristina Peter

Taylor Uria

Victoria Shelton

Alex Wilbers

Sandra Mayfield

Erin Korb

Emily Gibson

Sam Chumley

Abby Peacock

Jennifer Pelkey

Lalana Fedorschak

Dallas Wooten

Clare Schmidt

Star Auerbach

Kayla Prince

Jenny Reed

Luke Gnadinger

Parker Bolin

Student Research: Spring 2015

Sam Chumley – Woodfired Radcipes

Michael Kopp – Molding 101

Jennifer Pelkey – Kiln Formed Glass

Marissa Ragains – An Unconventional Use for Porcelain Slip

Meagan Plaiss – Tajine Cooking

Dallas Wooten – Celadon

Rachel Simpson – Imagery on Clay

Alumni Blogs & Websites

Marissa Ragains

Miri Phelps

Wende Cudmore

Chris Little

Miranda Becht

Kristy Leverock

Sue Bartle

Ashley Stewart

Aberlyn Sweetland-May

Ben Hammond

Rebeka Trapp

Kirsten Goodman

Cory Leister

Kacy Machir

Dan Marshall

Stephanie Smith