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Syllabus – FINA-S 260 – Ceramics 1 – Fall 2023

Syllabus – FINA-S 361 – Ceramics 2 – Fall 2023

Syllabus – FINA-S 561 – Graduate Ceramics – Fall 2023

Fall 2023 – Schedule for Ceramics 1

Fall 2023 – Schedule for ADV Ceramics

Syllabus – FINA-S497 – Independent Study


Distilling the Complex Form

Explore methods of building complex objects with incremental multiple forms.

Repurpose / Rethink Project

Create a work using only discarded and thrown away materials.

Tools for the Apocalypse

What would you make to make your life easier in the apocalypse?

No Base Project

This project needs to be built in all directions, so it works upside down.

Respond Project

Respond to a news article of your choice with a work that is inspired by the text.

Plates Project

Challenge yourself with a set of thrown, trimmed, glazed, and fired plates.

Face Jug Project

Explore the history of the face jug and create a new addition to its lineage.

Installation Project

Create an installation that engages the space between objects.

Observer to Participant

Create a work that transforms a viewer into a participant.

Still Life Project

Build a still life of objects about a trade or a tradesperson.

30″ Stack Project

Stack and join component parts together to create a 30″ stacked work.

Ritual Project

Create something to add to the lineage of ceramics being used in ritual.

Mixed Media Project

Create a work that combines multiple media and represents a memory.

Non-Traditional Project

Think differently about clay, removing its traditions to create new work.

Conversation Project

Make work that allows information to flow from the viewer to the maker (you).

Localized Text Project

Use text to rethink or shed new light on an existing space.

Mug Project

Create a set of 10 mugs to learn how to make and attach handles.

Goblet Project

Learn to throw and connect component parts to create a set of 5 chalices.

Adventure Art

Inspired by noted adventure artist, Steve Snell, we will have an adventure.

Public Art Project

For this project, create a work that exists in a public, non-gallery space.

Nature as Inspiration

You will use natural objects as textural and formal inspiration for new work.

Studio Potter Project

Use the archive of Studio Potter Journal to inspire a new work in your studio.

Thrown and Altered Project

For this project, create a work that exists in a public, non-gallery space.

“Make it Work!” Project

In this collaborative project inspired by Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, you’ll have to “Make it work!”

Mini Modules Project

Make a unique object using more than 50 modules that are no bigger than 2″ each.

Cognitive Surplus (group project)

Make a collection source material that reflect the interests of a group.

Invent Your Own Project

This is when YOU will build your own project and share it with your classmates.

Lidded Vessel Project

Learn about the relationships between lids, knobs, flanges, and the vessel.

Trimmed Bowls Project

Study the myriad ways to trim a footed bowl and practice, practice, practice!

3D Printed 6-sided stamp

You will learn how to make a digital model of a 6-sided stamp and print it!

3D Printed Texture Rollers

Learn to design, print, and use a 3D printed texture roller to create new surfaces.

3D Printed Extruder Die

Design and 3D print your own extruder die to create unique extrusions for your work.

3D Printed and Cast Cups

3D print, mold, and cast in porcelain cups that you designed digitally in PotterDraw.

Apologia Project

Respond to this short story with objects that speak to what you have reverence for.

Glaze Component

This 4-6 week glaze calc section gives you an understanding of how glazes work.

Specialized Food Vessels

Invent a serving vessel that celebrates the awesomeness of your favorite food.

One Source Project

Study and abstract a pattern or form from one object into a new object of your own.

3D Printed Throwing Rib

Design your own throwing rib and use the 3D printer to make it a reality.

Soda Firing Project

Learn how the soda kiln works and experiment with glazes, slips, and clay bodies.