Glaze Testing Resources

John Britt’s 21 point triaxial blend video:

Triaxial Diagram: click here

Triaxial with Stains (cone 6): click here

Digitalfire, comprehensive materials database:

Glazy, the best online database for recipes, testing, and material information:

John Britt – Glaze Thickness or Specific Gravity: click here

John Britt – Making Test Tiles: click here

John Britt – Melt Tests (fusions): click here

Rose and Matt Katz: How to Calculate the U.M.F. click here

Periodic Table

What is Thermal Expansion?

Create & Adjust Recipes on Glazy:

Creating Analyses & Deriving Recipes on Glazy:

Description of UMF (Unity Molecular Formula) in glazes – John Britt: