IUS Ceramics Visiting Artists

Visiting Artists at IUS Ceramics from 2008 – Present:

We have an active visiting artist program, usually hosting 2-3 artists per year. Our visiting artist program as a way to connect our students to contemporary working artists from around the country.

  • Isreal Davis

    Israel Davis

  • Anne Drew Potter

    Anne Drew Potter

  • Teri Frame

    Teri Frame

  • Andrea Keys Connell

    Andrea Keys Connell

  • Daniel Bare

    Daniel Bare

  • Valerie Zimany

    Valerie Zimany

  • Kris Grey

    Kris Grey

  • Dylan Beck

    Dylan Beck

  • Ian F. Thomas

    Ian F. Thomas

  • Natalie Tornatore

    Natalie Tornatore

  • Ben Stout

    Ben Stout

  • Shawn Skabelund

    Shawn Skabelund

  • Mark Cole

    Mark Cole

  • Lisa Walcott

    Lisa Walcott

  • Mathew McConnell

    Mathew McConnell

  • Linda Lopez

    Linda Lopez

  • Ben Ahlvers

    Ben Ahlvers

  • Shreepad Joglekar

    Shreepad Joglekar

  • Linda Swanson

    Linda Swanson

  • David Katz

    David Katz

  • Theo Uliano

    Theo Uliano

  • Eric Stearns

    Eric Stearns

  • Blake Williams

    Blake Williams

  • Brian Jobe

    Brian Jobe

  • Jason Brown

    Jason Brown

  • Lauren Herzak-Bauman thumbnail

    Lauren Herzak-Bauman

  • Steve Snell thumbnail

    Steve Snell

  • Chase Gamblin thumbnail

    Chase Gamblin

  • Linda Tien thumbnail

    Linda Tien

  • Martha Grover thumbnail

    Martha Grover

  • Malcolm Mobutu Smith

    Malcolm Mobutu Smith

  • Mallory Wetherell

    Mallory Wetherell

  • Kyle Johns

    Kyle Johns

  • Didem Mert

    Didem Mert

  • Elenor Wilson

    Elenor Wilson