Videos – Miscellaneous

This is a collection of videos from the interwebs.

Adam Field – Lids:

Chris Staley – Learning to Learn:

Chris Staley – Throwing a Snowman: Metaphors in Art:

Chris Staley – Meaningful Cups:

Chris Staley – Liking Mistakes:

Diana Al-Hadid:

Beatrice Wood:

Sue Paraskeva:

Shoji Hamada:

Warrren MacKenzie:

Gerit Grimm – Fantasia in Clay:

Potter at an Art Fair:

Lea Zoltanski Demonstration Videos:

Toshiko Takaezu:

Linda Sormin:

John Balistreri – Talking about BGSU Anagama:

Ai Weiwei – Sunflower Seeds:

Ayumi Horie – Dry Throwing:

Callie Curry aka SWOON – Ted Talk:

Pete Pinnell – Talking about Cups:

Svend Bayer – Part one:

Svend Bayer – Part two:

Jim Shrosbree: