IUS Ceramics Post Baccalaureate Opportunity

The Post Baccalaureate Opportunity in Ceramics at IU Southeast provides students who have completed undergraduate studies at a school other than IUS the chance to build their portfolio so they can reach the next phase of their careers.
Students from IUS Ceramics have been accepted into graduate programs such as: IU Bloomington, UMASS Dartmouth, Ball State University, University of Colorado Boulder, Ohio University, Bowling Green State University, University of Alabama, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, University of Nebraska Lincoln, West Virginia University, and others.

Deadline for applications: April 15th, 2019

Post Bacc, Lalana Fedorshak, firing the wood kiln

Post Bacc, Lalana Fedorschak, firing the wood kiln

Post-bacc students will:

– take 1 credit of FINA-S 561: Graduate Ceramics during both semesters.
– have their own studio space in the Ceramics Studio.
– have materials and firing supplied (within reason).
– have 24/7 access to the studio, kilns, etc.
– mount an exhibition of their work in the SpaceLab.
– participate in advanced level Program-wide critiques.
– participate in the community of the Ceramics studio.

Firing the soda kiln at IUS Ceramics

Firing the soda kiln at IUS Ceramics

Applications must include:

– Cover Letter, explaining why you want to be a post-baccalaureate student at IUS Ceramics
– Resume
– Artist Statement
– 10-20 images of your work, with corresponding image description list. Images should be saved as JPEG files, at least 800 pixels in the narrow dimension at 72 dpi (ex. 1200 x 800, 1250 x 800, etc)
– Contact information for two professional references
– Please use the subject line “Post Bacc application – [your name]” on the email

Email application materials and/or questions to:
Brian Harper, Associate Professor of Fine Art, Ceramics Area Head – harperba@ius.edu


David Katz Visiting Artist workshop


Building the wood kiln


Theo Uliano Visiting Artist workshop

IUS Ceramics Faculty:

  • Brian Harper, Associate Professor of Fine Art

    Brian Harper, Associate Professor

  • Sydney Ewerth Resident Artist thumbnail image

    Sydney Ewerth, Resident Artist

Former Resident Artists at IUS Ceramics:

  • Lindsey Dezman

    Lindsey Dezman

  • Bill Wilkey

    Bill Wilkey

  • Chanda Zea

    Chanda Zea

  • Matt Ziemke

    Matt Ziemke

  • Mallory Wetherell

    Mallory Wetherell

  • Ian Shelly

    Ian Shelly

  • Natalie Shelly

    Natalie Shelly

Visiting Artists at IUS Ceramics from 2008 – Present:

We have an active visiting artist program, usually hosting 2-3 artists per year.  We see our visiting artist program as a way to connect our students to contemporary working artists from around the country.

  • Isreal Davis

    Israel Davis

  • Anne Drew Potter

    Anne Drew Potter

  • Teri Frame

    Teri Frame

  • Andrea Keys Connell

    Andrea Keys Connell

  • Daniel Bare

    Daniel Bare

  • Valerie Zimany

    Valerie Zimany

  • Kris Grey

    Kris Grey

  • Dylan Beck

    Dylan Beck

  • Ian F. Thomas

    Ian F. Thomas

  • Natalie Tornatore

    Natalie Tornatore

  • Ben Stout

    Ben Stout

  • Shawn Skabelund

    Shawn Skabelund

  • Mark Cole

    Mark Cole

  • Lisa Walcott

    Lisa Walcott

  • Mathew McConnell

    Mathew McConnell

  • Linda Lopez

    Linda Lopez

  • Ben Ahlvers

    Ben Ahlvers

  • Shreepad Joglekar

    Shreepad Joglekar

  • Linda Swanson

    Linda Swanson

  • David Katz

    David Katz

  • Theo Uliano

    Theo Uliano

  • Eric Stearns

    Eric Stearns

  • Blake Williams

    Blake Williams

  • Brian Jobe

    Brian Jobe

  • Jason Brown

    Jason Brown

  • Lauren Herzak-Bauman thumbnail

    Lauren Herzak-Bauman

  • Steve Snell thumbnail

    Steve Snell

  • Chase Gamblin thumbnail

    Chase Gamblin

  • Linda Tien thumbnail

    Linda Tien

  • Martha Grover thumbnail

    Martha Grover

  • Malcolm Mobutu Smith

    Malcolm Mobutu Smith

  • Kyle Johns

    Kyle Johns

  • Mallory Wetherell

    Mallory Wetherell

  • Didem Mert thumbnail

    Didem Mert

  • Elenor Wilson thumbnail

    Elenor Wilson

  • Sunshine Cobb thumbnail

    Sunshine Cobb

  • Sam Chumley thumbnail

    Sam Chumley

  • Matt Mitros thumbnail

    Matt Mitros

  • Lindsay Oesterritter thumbnail

    Lindsay Oesterritter

  • Joe Pintz thumbnail

    Joe Pintz

Studio Facilities:

– 3280 square feet of studio, clay and glaze mixing, and indoor firing space
– A ventilated main studio with 10 electric wheels with workspace for hand building, extruding, slab rolling, etc.
– Brent slab roller
– Brent extruder
– Amaco ball mill
– Ventilated clay mixing room with 3 clay mixers (Soldner Professional, Bluebird, Walker pug mill)
– Indoor ventilated kiln room with 2 gas reduction kilns (Bailey Car Kiln and a smaller gas kiln), 4 computer controlled electric kilns (Skutt and L&L)
– 45′ x 18′ covered outdoor kiln area with wood kiln, saggar kiln, raku kiln, and a cross-draft gas soda kiln
– Ventilated glaze room with spray booth and stainless steel countertops
– Material inventory of over 100 clay and glaze materials
– Mixed media and plaster work area with outdoor access, plaster mold dryer, and compressed air
– 21 ton log splitter
– Covered storage space for over 5 cords of wood for the wood kiln
– Sandblaster
– Panel saw
– CNC router
– Lincoln arc welder
– Drill Press
– An assortment of hand and power tools
– Private studios for 4 BFA students and 2 Post-Baccalaureate students
– Additional storage space for student clay and shelving for artwork
– The SpaceLab, an exhibition and installation space located in the Ceramics area. More about the SpaceLab at http://spacelabproject.com/

Learn more about IUS Ceramics via our social media outlets:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IUSceramics
Instagram account: http://instagram.com/iusceramics


Unloading the wood kiln


IU Southeast is one of eight regional campuses in the Indiana University system and is located in New Albany, Indiana, just 15 minutes from downtown Louisville, Kentucky.  Louisville has a vibrant arts and cultural scene and many of the students work and/or live in the Louisville Metro area.  It’s a really cool place – lots of great eateries, galleries, music venues, performing art theaters, and many other attractions.  In 2013, Louisville was listed by Lonely Planet as the #1 travel destination .. http://www.lonelyplanet.com/usa/travel-tips-and-articles/77583

New Albany is a smaller, historic town right on the banks of the Ohio River.  Located just minutes from Louisville, New Albany offers a smaller town “feel”, with the advantages of a large metropolitan center just across the river.

Campus - pond

Campus looking toward the University Center

Campus - Knobview Hall

Knobview Hall, where the Fine Art Program is located

Find out more about IU Southeast on the IUS website: http://www.ius.edu/