Directions to the Ceramics Studio

The campus address is 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, IN.

  • Coming from I-265, there are two entrances to the school off of Grant Line Road. Pass the first entrance and turn left into the second entrance.
  • Drive straight towards the large building past the parking lots and in front of you, you will see 2 large limestone sculptures that look like big lobster claws – the building behind those sculptures is Knobview Hall (where the art department is)
  • Drive up the sidewalk and turn right so that the building is on your left.
  • Then turn left on Scenic Drive.
  • Turn left into the parking area along the backside of the building.
  • The back of the Ceramics area is about 100 yards down the parking lot from the lower parking meters. Look down the parking lot and you’ll see the bricks, kiln pad, dumpsters, etc. The loading dock is right next to the dumpsters.
  • Park anywhere in the spots around the kiln pad, or anywhere you can find a spot there.
  • When you’re parked, just come in the doors on the loading dock.
Loading dock doors leading to Ceramics

Loading dock doors leading to Ceramics