Localized Text Project

The use of text in public space is pervasive – just spend a few minutes walking around downtown and you’ll notice dozens of advertisements, directional and informational signage. Text helps physically move people through a space, it inspires people to support a local business, it warns people of a danger ahead of them.

For this project, we will use text to rethink or shed new light on an existing space.  

Be creative in how your text is displayed, but don’t get arrested.  

Think about irony, humor, satire.  Surprise the viewer.  Think of history.  What was in the space before the current moment?  Think public posters. Catch the viewer off guard and engage them with the space in a different way.  

Work is documented by photographs and/or video

100 Posterworks – HERE


Bronco – HERE

D. Billy – HERE

D. Billy, “Narnia”
RERO, “No Substance”