If you haven’t been trained to use the sandblaster, you must first ask to be trained by one of the Ceramics faculty.

There are many different types of blast media, so please check with your faculty to make sure the correct material is loaded into the unit.

Steps to use:

  • Open either the top or side hatch and place your object into the unit. Close and latch both hatches
  • Turn the light on
  • Open the valve on the compressed air line. Set the pressure to 90.
  • Turn on the ventilation. There is a small switch near the top of it. NEVER use the sandblaster without having the ventilation unit on.
  • Put your hands into the gloves and pick up the blast gun on the inside of the unit.
  • NEVER turn the gun towards the window while you are sandblasting. It will ruin the glass.
  • Press the foot pedal to activate the sandblaster.
  • Slowly and carefully sandblast your object.

Owner’s manual: HERE

Blast media ordering: HERE

Sandblaster and ventilation unit
Use and operation