Things to think about regarding your sketchbook:

Source Material

– Have you collected a large reservoir of source material (drawings, notes, sketches, writings etc.) to use a starting point for your work?             
– Is there evidence in the sketchbook of outside creative or technical research (not assigned from class material?)
– Have you been creative in your collection of source material?  Have you been open minded in understanding how your collection of source material helps you in your creative work? 

Class Notes

– Have you kept and organized your class notes and handouts?
– Did you take notes about how your work was completed (glazes, colors, stains, post firing work, etc.)?
– Did you take notes about the conceptual development of your work?
– Did you take notes or reflect on the discussions we had during the critiques or during class? (either about your work or others)

Idea Sketches

– Have you completed all of your idea sketches BEFORE each assignment?
– Do your ideas seem complete and thought out? Or do your sketches appear haphazard and incomplete?
– Have you created a significantly larger number of idea sketches than you used?