About IUS Ceramics

The IU Southeast Ceramics Area is one of six areas that make up the IUS Fine Art Program. In addition to Ceramics, IUS Fine Art offers comprehensive areas in Painting, Printmaking, Drawing, Graphic Design, and Digital Art. IUS Ceramics provides experience in a wide range of ceramic techniques, including hand forming, wheel throwing, glazing, clay body preparations, as well as numerous firing techniques. In addition, students explore mold making techniques, new developments in mixed media applications for ceramics, and investigate multiple contextual examples for how to incorporate an interest in ceramics into a broader art background. Students develop a background in ceramic history and aesthetics as well as strong technical expertise in the medium. Because of our excellent facilities and experienced faculty, ceramics at IU Southeast has attracted students from throughout the metro Louisville and southern Indiana region. Our graduates have earned post baccalaureate degrees in ceramics from colleges and universities throughout the country.

IUS Ceramics Faculty:

  • Brian Harper, Associate Professor of Fine Art

    Brian Harper, Associate Professor

  • Sydney Ewerth Resident Artist thumbnail image

    Sydney Ewerth, Resident Artist and Adjunct Faculty

Campus is located at 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, IN.

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Studio Facilities:

– 3280 square feet of studio, clay and glaze mixing, and indoor firing space
– A ventilated main studio with 11 electric wheels with workspace for hand building, extruding, slab rolling, etc.
– Brent slab roller
– Brent extruder
– Amaco ball mill
– Ventilated clay mixing room with 3 clay mixers (Soldner Professional, Bluebird, Walker pug mill
– Indoor ventilated kiln room with 2 gas reduction kilns (Bailey Car Kiln and a smaller gas kiln), 4 computer controlled electric kilns (Skutt and L&L)
– 45′ x 18′ covered outdoor kiln area with wood kiln, saggar kiln, raku kiln, a cross-draft gas soda kiln
– Ventilated glaze room with spray booth and stainless steel countertops
– Material inventory of over 100 clay and glaze materials
– Mixed media and plaster work area with outdoor access, plaster mold dryer, and compressed air
– 21 ton log splitter
– Covered storage space for over 5 cords of wood for the wood kiln
– Sandblaster
– Panel saw
– CNC router
– Lincoln arc welder
– Drill Press
– An assortment of hand and power tools
– Private studios for 4 BFA students and 2 Post-Baccalaureate students
– Additional storage space for student clay and shelving for artwork
– The SpaceLab, an exhibition and installation space located in the Ceramics area. More about the SpaceLab at http://spacelabproject.com/

The IUS Ceramics Studio in action!