Adventure Art Project

For this project will work closely with noted Adventure Artist, Steve Snell, who once found Alec Baldwin on a wilderness adventure.

We will use our creativity to have a meaningful experience in the world.

Go. Do.

Working TOGETHER as a group, we will plan and execute an adventure. Each member of the class will have a specific job to do to make our adventure successful.

Steve says, “I like to call my art practice adventure art.  I use the term to describe a performance-based action of adventure, in which I (or someone else) use creativity and imagination to have an exciting and remarkable experience.  These adventures are then transformed through various artistic and popular media in order to build a mythology and share the story with others. Adventure art is an attempt to live life as though it were a movie or at least present the image that it is one.”

The man, the myth, the legend, Steve Snell
“I went into the wilderness and I found Alec Baldwin.” – Steve Snell