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Some of you were asking about decals the other day.  We talked about it in class a bit, but I just thought I’d add the links to those companies we talked about.  Here’s Little Chair Printing .. And here’s In Plain Sight Art .. That’s it for now. See you in

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1 Second Everyday!

Hi Everyone – Some of you were wondering about that project I talked about in class the other day called 1 Second Everyday.  Here’s the short promo video on the project .. You can find out more about Cesar Kuriyama, the guy who developed this idea, here:  Find it on the iTunes store here

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Welcome to CERAMICS!!!

OMG. I know what you’re thinking .. “Ceramics class is going to be amazing.” You’re right! It’s going to be a lot of hard work and there may be a few mishaps along the way – after all, there are NO guarantees in ceramics.  But, if we work to learn something EACH and EVERY day,

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