Electric Kiln Safety

  • Never try and service the kiln yourself.  If there is something wrong with it, contact one of the ceramics professors
  • Do not touch heating elements with anything since they carry high voltage.
  • Do not place any combustibles within 12 inches of any surface of the kiln.
  • Make sure and turn the ventilation hood fan on and lower it over the kiln when firing and cooling the kiln. The ventilation should be as low as possible over the kiln without actually touching the kiln.
  • Never add extra insulation around a kiln to conserve energy. Extra insulation can cause the wiring and the steel case to overheat.
  • Remove all tripping hazards. Keep the power cord out of the way.
  • Do not fire with cracked shelves. They can break during firing, which could damage the ware inside the kiln. Store kiln shelves in a dry area.
  • If you smell burning plastic, turn the kiln off. Examine the wall outlet and power cord for signs of burning.
  • Never wear loose-fitting clothing around a hot kiln.
  • Do not open a kiln until it has cooled to room temperature. Pots may break from thermal shock.
  • NEVER place anything on the kiln lid!!
  • Always keep unsupervised children away from the kiln.
  • Do not place any objects under or around the kiln stand.

List partially sourced from here

RIP clipboard. Image via Katie Marks