Using a Jigsaw


– Unplug the saw or remove its battery when changing blades and when not in use.

– Avoid dangerous kickback. Always use sharo blades that are intended for the material to be cut.

– Never force the saw when it is cutting. Allow it to cut at its own speed.

– Keep the jigsaw show firmly placed flat on the cutting surface.

– Wait for the blade to completely stop before lifting the saw from a cut.

– Wear safety goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from dust or flying debris.

– Use proper ear protection to dampen the noise of the saw and a mask to avoid inhalation of dust.

– Keep hands away from moving blades.

– Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry when operating the saw.


– Take your time and stay outside of your cut line. You can trim or sand for fine tuning but you can’t add back what you’ve cut.

– Use relief cuts to remove waste and prevent the blade from binding when a curve is too tight to make with a single cut.

– Raise the workpiece by placing it on rails thick enough to allow the jigsaw blade to make its full stroke without hitting the wood.

– To make a cutout in the middle of your wood instead of the edge, drill a 1/2 inch hole into the material, then insert the blade into the starter hole and begin the cut.


– Clamp the material firmly to your work station

– Attached the appropriate blade to the saw.

– Plug the saw’s cord into a power source or attach its battery.

– Rest the saw shoe on the edge of the material and near the cutting line.

– With the blade next to but not touching the workpiece, pull the trigger and get the saw to full speed.

– Keep the shoe firmly on the surface and ease the saw forward to the cutting line while keeping the trigger engaged.

– Guide the saw along the outside of the cutting line, keeping the shoe flat.

– Let the saw do the work. Pushing to hard can strain the motor or cause the blade to break.

– Avoid any side to side pressure on the blade to keep it from bending and creating an unintentional bevel in the cut.

– Release the trigger to stop the blade when the cut is complete. Then lift the saw and place it on the workbench.