Handheld Grinder

  • Never use a grinder without a guard.  If an abrasive wheel breaks while rotating, it can cause a serious injury.
  • Wear safety glasses or goggles, or a face shield (with safety glasses or goggles) to protect against flying particles. Gloves, aprons, metatarsal safety boots, and respiratory protection may be required, depending on the work.
  • Ensure the floor around the work area is clean.
  • Do not use wheels that are cracked or those that excessively vibrate.
  • Do not operate grinder on wet floors.
  • Use both hands when holding the grinder.
  • Keep the power cord away from the grinding wheel and the material being ground.
  • Avoid using grinders near flammable materials.
  • Do not clamp portable grinders in a vise for grinding hand-held work.
  • Do not force wheels onto a grinder that is the wrong size or change mounting hole sizes.
  • Do not tighten the mounting nut excessively.
  • Do not put the grinder on the floor or working surface until the wheel has stopped turning.
4 1/2″ handheld grinder