How to Mix Glaze

  1. Make sure we have all of the materials you plan to use BEFORE mixing them together
  2. Clean two 5 gallon buckets. Make sure they are really clean! If you can find the 6 gallon bucket, use that to dry mix your ingredients
  3. Use the small triple beam scale and balance it so that the pointer is lined up with the “0” when only the container you are measuring in is sitting on the scale.
  5. Measure your materials out, keeping in mind that you will need to keep track of what you are measuring on a scrap piece of paper. For example, if you need 2700 grams of Custer Feldspar, you set the scale for 500 grams and weigh that out 5 times (making a note of each 500 gram weighing). Then do another weighing at 200 to equal 2700.
  6. Put all of your dry materials into one bucket.
  7. Dry off the glaze mixer on the end of the drill and use that to dry mix the materials until it looks like it’s all the same color.
  8. Add water, mixing as you add it. Keep in mind that it’s much easier to ADD water than take it out!
  9. Put the rotary sieve on the other clean bucket and sieve the glaze into that bucket.
  10. Clean the first bucket out, then sieve the glaze back into the first bucket. Sieving the glaze twice helps to mix the glaze thoroughly. You may need to add some water as the sieving process sometimes makes the glaze thicker.
  11. Thoroughly clean the sieve and any tools you used to mix the glaze.
  12. Follow the directions below to make sure you add the right amount of glaze.
The triple beam scale should balance like this