Invent Your Own Project

For this project, you will design a project of your own, for either you or your peers to complete.

Start by brainstorming a conceptual or technical prompt. Think about your own work and you might push yourself into a new area of it. What would it take to do that?

Think ….

1) What is the objective? What do you want someone to learn (or gain experience with) if they complete your project?

2) What is the thing in your project that would interest someone in doing it? What is the “challenge” to them?

3) What types of visual material will you present with your project so that students see examples? What materials will augment the presentation of your project?

Your project “prompt” could be a technical one: For example, “Create a set of 5 nesting bowls”.

Or it could be a conceptual prompt: For example, “Make a work that responds to the thoughts in this article.”

Or it could be both: For example, “Create a functional tea set for two people that speaks to the division in our two party political system.”

Think about what you need to challenge yourself. One of the top (often unwritten) objectives of a college experience is to “learn how to learn”, for it is the person that teaches themselves how to learn new skills that will truly have a happy life.

For the project, you will design a project for this class. You will present your project to the class, using visuals or other teaching materials. After each person in the class presents their project, you will be able to choose which project you complete for this section of the course. I will allow you to chose your own project, but only after careful consideration of all of the other projects.