Lidded Vessels

For the project, you will make 3 lidded vessels so that you can learn how to throw lids and flanges, and fit those elements together to form a cohesive pot. The walls should be evenly thrown, the lids and galleries should fit well, and the knobs on the lids should compliment other aspects of the form.

There are many, many ways to make a lidded pot, so it is imperative to research the ways that interest you the most, and fit your goals with this project. If this is the first time you’ve made a lidded pot, start with a simple form and focus on lidded component – in other words, don’t overwhelm yourself with the form itself and then not have the time to put towards making the lid fit well!

If you are more advanced and have made lidded vessels before, this is the time to challenge yourself with more complicated forms and lids. Experiment with several different types of lids and knobs and see what works best for your pots.

Brian Harper demonstrates several ways of making lids and lidded vessels
Ben Carter lidded pot
From Ceramic Arts Daily
lidded pots
Found on Rhoda Henning’s website

This is another fun way of making lidded vessels – throw the whole thing in one piece!

Lexington, KY based ceramic artist, Amelia Stamps!