Lil’ Eddie Gas Kiln

The small test gas kiln is affectionately known as “Lil’ Eddie”.  It is a great kiln to learn how to fire a cone 10. It can fire very quickly, sometimes as fast as cone 10 in 6 hours, so be careful in the beginning and don’t fire faster than your angel can fly!

Loading and Stacking

  • Always use the 10” x 21” black shelves (silicon carbide)
  • Make sure every piece has a patty
  • Cone pack should be 08, 8, 9, 10, and be placed about halfway up and lined up with a peephole in the door.
  • Be careful overhanging work over the shelves as the burners can unevenly heat those pieces

Lighting the Kiln

  • Go outside of the kiln room and flip the “INSIDE” switch to the ON position. If the green light does not come on, turn the “service” key 90 degrees to the right and release it. The green light should turn on then.
  • On the wall behind the kiln and to the right, flip the “Gas activation for small kiln” switch to the ON position. You’ll hear a loud click sound, don’t worry, this is normal.
  • Make sure the “Damper Motor #1” switch is ON. It is to the left of the gas activation switch.
  • Open the damper to 3″ or 4″
  • Make sure the main burner valves are off (valves perpendicular to the gas lines)
  • Hold the barbecue lighter so that it’s flame is right in front of the small pilot burner (strapped to the underside of the main burner). After lighting and positioning the barbecue lighter, hold down the Baso valve (red button) to lit the pilot burner
  • When the pilot burner ignites, remove the barbecue lighter while still holding down the Baso valve. You’ll need to hold down the Baso valve for about 30 seconds. If the pilot goes out when you release the Baso valve, repeat this step holding the Baso valve down longer until the pilot stays lit after you release the valve. The
  • Repeat steps 6 and 7 to light the other pilot.
  • The main burners are controlled independently at each burner (yellow valve on the right side, red valve on the left)

Shutting down the Kiln

  • Turn off both gas valves. When they are off, they should be perpendicular to the gas lines.
  • Close the damper
  • Turn off the “Gas Activation” switch to the right of the large vertical gas line on the wall
  • Leave the room ventilation system running
  • Go outside the kiln to the large white safety control unit in the loading dock area and turn the “inside” switch to the off position. The green light above the switch should now be off. ** Make sure the the large gas kiln is not firing. If it is, leave the switch in the “ON” position.
  • Go back in and double check that the above steps have been completely.
  • Fill in the last post on the kiln log for your firing.
Proper post arrangement for Lil’ Eddie

Firing logs by year:

2012-13 – Firings 1-18

2013-14 – Firings 19-37

2014-15 – Firings 38-45