One Source Project

For this project, you will:

– Make an object that is inspired by the textures and/or form of another object

– Use your source object (your “one source”) and modify, distort, or expand upon something you find interesting about it. Study it closely!

– Take an element of your source object and abstract it to make your piece

– I recommend naturally occurring objects are usually best, but you are allowed to use human-made objects as your source inspiration. For example, a piece of concrete, an old rusty bolt, a milled piece of barnwood, etc. Do not bring in another ceramic work or another work of art.

– The object must be an object! No photos.

– It must be able to be brought into the ceramics studio (legally).

– It must not be alive (no squirrels or raccoons), harmful to others (no weapons), hazardous (no uranium), or contagious (no poison ivy).

** The key to a successful project is to think creatively when looking for objects. Challenge yourself. Ask yourself how you can abstract and expand on the patterns or the form. This is not about copying – it’s about using your object for inspiration to create a completely new form.