Programming the L&L Electric Kilns

Instructions for Programming a bisque firing in the L & L kilns (named Crumb and Darwin in our studio)

  1. The computer will most likely be flashing “CPLT” with some numbers from the last firing. If this is the case, push “STOP” once so that it is flashing “IdLE
  2. Next, push the “Slow Bisque” button, then “ENTER”
  3. Enter a cone number. We usually bisque at cone 06. Make sure and enter “06”, not 6 … There’s a BIG difference!  Then hit “ENTER
  4. The computer will next ask you for a top temperature HOLD time, this should be “0.00” for a bisque.  Hit “ENTER”
  5. Now the computer will begin flashing “IdLE” again. DO NOT start the kiln yet, you don’t have a preheat on it!
  6. Push the “Preheat” button. It will flash “HLd“. Now enter the time keeping in mind that numbers to the left of the decimal point are hours.  Always preheat a group bisque firing for at least 8 hours. This should look like “8.00“. Then press “ENTER
  7. ALWAYS review your firing schedule by pressing “Review Prog“. The first few things that flash across the screen are the most important: S-bc (slow bisque), then PRHT (with the number of hours, 8.00 for a bisque), then CONE 06.
  8. Close the lid, lower the ventilation hood so that it is close to the top of the kiln but not touching it, turn on the fan (switch on the wall behind the kiln).
  9. Press “START”. You should see “–ON–” and hear the elements clicking on and off. 
  10. Record your firing in the log sheets on the clipboards behind each kiln.

The L & L kilns have Dynatrol computer systems that control the firing schedules.  Here is the instruction manual for that system: HERE

L & L kiln owner’s manual HERE