Repurpose / Rethink Project

Ubuhle Bobuntu is an artist collective that formed out of the art department at Funda Community College in the Soweto Township in South Africa.

We will explore the artworks and methodologies behind artists in the collective and see how we can use their creative approach to enhance our own artistic practice.

All of the materials for this project must be sourced from public spaces and combined to create an object that repurposes the materials to create an object that responds to the materials you choose.

– All materials must be found in public

– You may not “find” stuff in your house or in the art building. Must be out in the wild! (discarded or existing in nature)

– You will not be able to use electricity to alter or construct your artwork

– You must create an object that changes the contextual meaning of the materials you collect

Find the PowerPoint for this project HERE

Also, please watch this video of El Anatsui’s work for additional inspiration!

Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui