Response Topic – Ron Nagle

Ron Nagle is one of the most well known ceramic artists of our time. His work is unlike nearly every artist in the field, especially at the time he started making it. For decades, Nagle has been honing and fine tuning his small scale works. Most of the works are the size of the palm of your hand, but when viewed at a close distance, they have the power and monumental qualities of something 10 times the size.

In addition to his ceramic career, he is also a practicing musician. He even did the soundtrack for the Exorcist!! Crazy right? He’s maybe one of the only people in the world that has been written about in Ceramics Monthly AND Rolling Stone.

Here are a few images of his work:

For this response topic, I’d like for you to watch this short video about Nagle and his work:

Tell me what you think. RESPOND to the work. What did you think about when he was talking about how he thinks the feeling of a work is more important than the meaning of it? How about the relationship of his works to his drawings? What did you feel?