Soda Firing Project

In this project we will learn about how the soda kiln works, the glazes and clays that are best suited for it, and how we can use the kiln to achieve atmospheric surfaces on our work.

Depending the level you’re at, you will create several pieces, usually between 5-10 to fire in the soda kiln. This will give you opportunities to experiment with different glazes, flashing slips, and clay bodies.

We’ll pay particular attention to learning from others in this project. The range of possibilities in the soda kiln are endless, so to expand our learning, we’ll share our experiments with our peers.

More information about the IUS Soda Kiln can be found HERE.

Images of the building of the kiln can be found HERE.

GH Wood loading the soda kiln at IUS Ceramics
Charlyn Corum spraying soda into the soda kiln at IUS Ceramics