Still Life Project

For this project you will make a still life of objects that will convey your idea in a broader way than is possible with one object.

The still life you create must pay homage to the relics or tools of a trade or profession.

Your still life will be a collection of at least 5 objects. What is a trade? Who is a tradesperson? Some examples include a shoemaker, metalsmith, basket weaver, electrician, plumber, iron worker, brick maker, gardner.

You might think:
– Are there any trades or profession common in my family lineage? If you aren’t sure, maybe now is a good time to find out.
– Is there a trade you wish you have mastered already (like NASA’s Chief Sniffer)
– What are the “tools of the trade”
-What is a trade or profession that is being lost? Are there relics of that trade or profession?

Your still life must be composed of at least 5 objects and visually describe and/or respond to a trade or profession.

Christina Erives
Project PowerPoint screenshot

The following video explains the project in greater detail.