Student Research – Sam Chumley

White Stoneware:
50# – EPK
20# – Goldart
30# – OM#4
20# – Minspar
120# Total (before water is added)

This clay body was designed for enhanced firing color in the IUS wood kiln, throw ability, and strength. This body is smooth and throws very well on the wheel, yet it is strong enough to handle altering, attaching, and manipulation. This body handles the prolonged high temperatures in the wood kiln and yields varied coloration from flashing and iron speckling. Colors can vary from an earthy dark brown to mottled white, and orange flashing ranging from dark red/orange to bright yellow/orange. The ability to flash orange is dramatically increased with a reduction cooling cycle. Surface textures range from matte to highly glossy depending on flame and atmosphere during firing.
*for a more textured surface sand can be added into the body to your own taste
*also specific materials can be substituted to change fired results (ie: kaolins, feldspars, etc)

Matte Flashing Slip:
5000g – Tile 6
2000g – OM#4
1500g – Neph Sye
1500g – Minspar

10,000g Total

This slip maintains a matte surface regularly in different areas throughout the IUS wood kiln. It is quite receptive to the atmosphere of the kiln and records flame movement quite well. The color ranges from earthy dark brown to rusty red and orange to yellow. This slip is mixed to be thick and applied to the thickness which will show dramatic brush marks and ridges. Even with thick application this slip doesn’t show any tendency to crackle or split when applied to early leather hard clay.
*different thicknesses and application methods could be a good experiment with this slip

White Liner Glaze: ^ 10+
1560g – Dolomite
570g – Magnesium Carbonate
5110g – Neph Sye
1710g – EPK
1060g – Silica

10,000g Total


This glaze was designed for use as a liner glaze that is stable and would maintain whiteness in the wood kiln. It can handle the prolonged temperatures of the wood kiln without undesired effects. This glaze will fire to a nice satin texture soft white. It has tendency to show some atmospheric effects which result in some orange coloration, or at times, some pearlescent green/violent tinges. However, these effects are subtle but look quite nice with the white color this glaze mainly produces. All around this glaze is quite stable and opaque.