Tools for the Apocalypse

Ceramics has a unique lineage of being used to ensure the survival of human beings throughout history.

From food and water storage jars, water filtration, evaporative cooling, fermentation jars, mortar and pestles, and countless other items, ceramics has played a major role in keeping us all alive.

For this project, you will envision, and then create objects that you would like to have in the event that our modern conveniences will someday be gone. Imagine what problems you might face, and what you can make right now to solve those problems if they arise. No weapons please, this is a serene and supportive apocalyptic vision!

Imagine a world without modern conveniences. What can you make now to make your life easier later?

How can you use clay to prepare for the apocalypse?

How can you creative interpret what you need?

Think broadly about what you’ll need.

What will others need?

How can you use your ceramic work to contribute to life after the apocalypse?

Find the PowerPoint for this project HERE

Ceramic tajines for cooking
Ceramic tajines for cooking
Clay bricks for building things
Terracotta air cooler
Pour over coffee maker