Artist Interview Project

For this component of the course, you will be working with one other student in the class to professionally produce a video of an artist interview that you will conduct with a professional artist. You will use equipment supplied by the IUS Fine Art Program to video record and edit the interview. Through class discussion, we will assist you in developing questions for the artist you are interviewing, however you are required to be the driving force in guiding your process so as to produce a high quality video interview.

I will pair you into groups of two and assign an artist for each group, as well as arrange for them to be on campus as a time when all three of you can do the interview. You will shoot approximately 30min of video and audio footage and, using iMovie or another video editing software of your choice, you will edit the content into a video of approximately 10 minutes.  

You will include “cutaway” shots of the artist’s work, different angles of the artist, etc. These will assist you in hiding the edits more convincingly.

The videos will be critiqued as a class before the final deadline so you will have a number of opportunities to add, remove, or fine tune the interview. The videos will be made available for others to view online. You, IUS Ceramics, and the artist will be credited in the video.

Here are some examples of interviews that might help you get an idea of how to move forward with this project:

Jonnie Hallman (Destroy Today) –

Spencer Elden (aka “Nirvana baby”) –

Linda Sormin –

These videos are starting points to give you an idea of where to start, but you are encouraged to play an active role in the style and “feel” of your interview. These will be made available to the WHOLE WORLD, so make sure your video interview is worthy of it!

I will teach you how to use iMovie to edit your videos, but it would be a good idea to check out these tutorials first:

How to from –

That’s it for now, but there’ll be more later!
See you in the studio,
Prof. Brian

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