Textbook and other readings not enough!?!

Hello Future Masters of Contemporary Ceramic Work,

Have you come to the realization that the textbook and other readings I have handed out are simply not cutting it? Are you left wanting more? Don’t worry, here are a couple of other places where you can read about ceramics . . .

Interpreting Ceramics, an online journal http://www.uwic.ac.uk/ICRC/contents_current.htm

Think Tank, not all ceramics, but let’s think about the BIG picture http://www.thinktank04.eu/home.php

Ceramics Monthly, not all articles are online, but we also have this in the studio and in the library. here are some archived articles, the magazine website is here: http://www.ceramicsmonthly.org/

Ceramics Art and Perception, more online articles here: http://www.ceramicart.com.au/home/CAParticles.htm

there are many more to come later. hopefully this will keep you busy during those long, painful hours that the studio is closed!!

see you in the studio.

Prof. Brian

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