Artist Presentations

You will create a Powerpoint presentation and prepare a short artist talk about an artist of your choosing. You can pick from any of the artists on (that’s over 175 artists!) Pick an artist who is exciting to you – this is soooo much more fun if you are personally invested in the work.

Requirements for the Artist Presentation:
– you must use Powerpoint
– you should discuss the artist for approximately 10 minutes, but not longer than 15 minutes
– use as many images as you feel is necessary to carry your talk through 10 minutes
– you must provide a copy of the powerpoint presentation you created. The file name must include your name and the name of the artist the presentation is on.

Some general tips on preparing your presentation:
– Powerpoint presentations that contain a large number of images generally look best with a black or dark background.
PRACTICE! Practice the presentation first to make sure it fits easily within the allotted time
– Show up early on the day you present so you can put your powerpoint on the computer. Have a backup!
– RESEARCH! Read the artist statements, research what others have written about the artist, e-mail the artist and ask questions, look at their influences, etc.
– you might want to have some notes for the details and main points of your talk

This is fun (trust me on this), so have fun with it. Choose your artist carefully as you will be spending considerable time investigating their work!

See you in the Studio.
Prof. Brian

Martina Lantin

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