Things are rolling now!

Morning Everyone.

Well, things are really rolling now.  So far, sooooo good.  The 260 people are already heading into their second project and the advanced students should be hitting their full stride in preparation for their upcoming crits.  If anyone would like to see what the advanced students are up to, you might take a minute and check out their blog posts .. they’ve all been active bloggers so far this year (its almost like they are required to do so!)

In other news, I have been in negotiations with none other than Kris Grey (of about coming into town for a one day mold making workshop with an artist lecture at night.  The plans are solidifying for Oct. 4 so, make sure and mark it on your calendars!!!

Here’s a picture of her gasket work..

She has also been known to cruise into town on this ride …

So, keep your eyes peeled for a kick ass artist riding around town on this bike – and be alert, she sometimes goes by her alias – Justin Credible …

See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

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