The end of the second week …

Geez, the second week of the semester is almost over … and look how far we’ve come already. Just imagine what the next 15 weeks will bring!

We have learned that the studios will be closed this Sunday and Monday for the holiday weekend, so plan accordingly. I don’t know about you, but I always get a good amount of quality work done in the studio when I can focus on what I’m doing …. (like when you work outside of class.) Anyway, things are moving full steam ahead on the semester, so make sure you don’t fall off the boat!

Stay with us. Stay with us….

Also, here’s that knitted tank we talked about in the critique yesterday. It was created by Marianne Jørgensen with the help of over 1000 volunteers (knitters) from all over the world.


See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

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