Videos from the Israel Davis Workshop!

Okay, I managed to edit the video I shot of the Israel Davis workshop last week and get them all up on You Tube. I had to cut them into smaller videos to upload them, so that’s why there are so many …

The first video is of Israel explaining the process of scoop coating screens with emulsion. We set this up in the glaze room and borrowed a bug light from Rob so as not to expose the emulsion during application.

This next video is part one of him printing and talking about his printing on clay slips. This is just a snippet of the whole workshop, but hopefully you can use this a “refresher” course in the process.

here’s the second part of that video:

Here he is assisting Kristy Leverock with her print. She scanned a drawing from her sketchbook and exposed a screen with the image. In this video, she is making a print on clay with multiple colors:

Here’s Israel working on a cup from a slab he printed the day before:

In this video, Israel explains the process of removing the emulsion from a screen after you are done printing with it. We did this on the back dock of ceramics:

That’s it for now. Hope everyone learned a bunch at the workshop. I am in the process of buying the equipment for printing on clay. With a little help (hint, hint) we should be up and running by the end of this upcoming week. So, start gathering up those images and get ready for printing on clay!

See you in the studio.
Prof. Brian

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